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Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks, M.D.

Specialist in Integrative Medicine, Family Medicine and Occupational Medicine

Chief Medical Adviser 

Dr. Hendricks has an extensive research background in genetics. He spent four years at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Human Genetics lab and was invited to participate in a fellowship at the Laboratory for Gene Transfer and the National Institutes of Health. He was part of the team working out how subtle nutritional signals could dramatically affect disease risk.

After medical school Dr. Hendricks trained in trauma/emergency medicine in Brooklyn, NY and began clinical practice. He has practiced in multiple fields of medicine and served as a Medical Director in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Occupational Medicine. Dr. Hendricks has continued his interest in research developing multiple clinical protocols for cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, and rheumatoid arthritis. When not practicing medicine Dr. Hendricks is an inventor, triathlete, runner and cyclist. Dr.Hendricks has clinical experience with over 50,000 patients.

TED Talk delivered by Dr. Hendricks 

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