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What is DHEA?

Can DHEA boost testosterone? What is DHEA anyway?
DHEA (dehydroepitestosterone) is the most abundant steroid hormone found in the human circulatory system. It’s made when the CYP11A1 enzyme converts cholesterol into pregnenolone, which is then converted into DHEA by yet another enzyme called CYP17. The synthesis of DHEA mainly happens in the adrenal glands, but it can also take place in the testicles and brain.


How does DHEA boost testosterone production?

Once DHEA has been synthesized and created internally, the body can then convert it into various stronger steroid hormones via enzymatic reactions. The two main hormones it is converted to are testosterone and estrogen. Many studies have been done on DHEA as a stand alone supplement. The testosterone boosting effects of DHEA have been shown to be stronger in older men. So as a stand alone supplement, if your under 40, you will want to include DHEA in any formula you use to boost testosterone, but it should not be the only ingredient. If your over 40, then DHEA provides increasingly powerful benefits. This is because DHEA peaks at around 20 years of age in most people and then starts falling down commonly being half of what it used to be at peak years when you reach 40, and being only 5% of the peak levels at 80.

Who else can benefit from DHEA

A person who is under severe stress also may have very low DHEA levels. So if your under 40 but under great deals of stress DHEA may also be of increasing value to you. People who are on certain medications like pain killers may also have severely restricted testosterone production. Research any medications you are taking and if they tend to be hormonal or endocrine disrupting, there is a chance DHEA may be of benefit to you.

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